For more than 25 years, Beth Perry has etched her way into the hearts and minds of her clients – an exclusive list of more than 500, both retail and consumer – all of whom have remained loyal to B.A. Perry Engraving because of its reputation for quality, perfection and timeliness.

As a sculptor and Fine Arts graduate in the 1970s who wanted to both carve out a niche for herself as an artisan and promote her livelihood, Ms. Perry began to explore the art of engraving after hearing her Grandmother and Great Aunt talk about the beauty and worth of engraved heirloom pieces. “My grandmother could never find an engraver,” recalls Ms. Perry, “and I could empathize with her frustration, because I always found engraved pieces to have such a charm about them.”

Ms. Perry can create anything – from the simplest monogram to a recreation of the most elaborate, ornate photo – all done by hand, etched into a metallic piece that will retain its design for generations to come. She has even done photos of dogs, maps, buildings, old photos – anything her customers require.